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LifeLine Ministries Examines Prophet’s Claims
Covers subjects such as: No 1820 Revival – First Vision Unreliable - Book of Mormon Not a Translation – No Book of Mormon Archeology – DNA Refutes Book of Mormon – Joseph Smith Convicted – Salvation by Works – Smith & Polygamy – Two Invalid Priesthoods 

Patriarchal Blessings: A Type of Divination
Joseph Smith’s own Patriarchal Blessing contains many unfulfilled prophecies concerning his role as a prophet

Does Truth Really Matter?
Gives a comparison between Joseph Smith’s gospel and the Biblical gospel

False Prophecies from Joseph Smith
Lists numerous prophecies given by Joseph Smith that were never fulfilled 

Non-Biblical Scriptures:  Joseph Smith's Inspired Version of the Bible
Discloses the many additions, alterations and deletions Joseph Smith made to the King James Version of the Bible in order to claim his status as an end-time prophet

Some Provocative Questions
Probing questions every RLDS should be asking

Polygamy: Putting the Blame Where it Belongs
Gives undeniable evidence that Joseph Smith was the author of the revelation commanding the practice of polygamy

An Open Letter to the Community of Christ Church
Implores the Community of Christ to replace their impersonal “the Christ” with the real living Christ

Are You a Closet Doubter
A challenge to “closet doubters” to turn from the institutional church that has betrayed its heritage to a vibrant relationship with the real Jesus

Major Cult becomes Christian
Tells of the amazing transformation of the World Wide Church of God Cult to historic Christianity

World Peace or Personal Peace?
Warns against involvement in a world wide peace movement that cannot bring a personal peace

The Fate of False Prophets
An ominous warning from 2 Peter 2 for those claiming to be prophets such as Joseph Smith

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